Another Vanderpoel

Really I need to start reading the book so I have better understanding of what I’m doing.  Meanwhile I’m learning quite a bit about observation.

Atelier: A little Art History (ish)

I’m also going to pursue some art history as elective or extracurricular while attending Watts Atelier.  I think I’ll start with a program, The Secret of Drawing, featuring one of my artist inspiration crushes from a few years ago:  Andrew Graham-Dixon, British art historian and broadcaster. I stumbled across this BBC program when it was…

Related Reading: Watts Term I

If I were to actually study at an Atelier in-person I would be expected to do related reading outside of class.   I found these books already sitting on the shelf in my Studio awaiting attention.  The problem with so many books is figuring out which one to start with. And I’ve decided to start with books that aren’t…

Re-enrolled at Watts Atelier

I have re-enrolled at Watts Atelier.  Ready to pick up where I left off with Head Drawing II. I don’t know how long this will take to complete.  However, as a rule of thumb, a term at the actual atelier is usually 10 weeks in length – with class generally once a week.  So if…


You may not be able to tell what adjustments I went back to make on these last three feature studies.  Honestly it was small details – mostly to do with handling the pencil.  Honestly I could probably go back and do more adjustments, but I won’t.  Sometimes it can be hard to tell where I’m…

Day #60

I’m learning.  Slowly, surely, learning.

Another Vanderpoel example

I keep telling myself to change from the drafting pencil but I’m feel as if I’m finally getting a feel for using it.

Too far?

Here is the next step in my abstract.   A brown whose name I don’t know since the label fell off the tube. Still not got the depth I’m looking for. And then a couple of different greens and some gold and some brown again.   Plus I started to add some mixed media and…

Slow stages…

This abstract process I have embarked upon isn’t really about days – it is about slow stages.  It is about moving forward slowly and process this inspiration I have in my head, allowing the space for my muse to speak, and, even more importantly, for me to listen.   So I guess this makes this…

Abstract Day#3 and Cool Tool Revised

The adhesive putty didn’t hold.  So I wondered if it would help to take some weight off the putty.  Hubby and I went to Home Depot where we found a piece of molding that was the right size in a scraps bin, which they gave us for free.  I used bulldog clips to hold the…

Day#57 (I think)

I keep numbering these in my sketchbook with the wrong day number, but I believe I am on Day #57.  I’m continuing with feature studies – from examples for Vanderpoel.  I don’t know what it is about his examples that somehow make it so much simpler, more understandable.  I did find a free pdf of his…

Abstract Day#2, and an Oops

Well darn!  Overnight the putty didn’t hold and the piece fell off.  I tried more putty, but that didn’t hold for even twenty minutes, sigh.  I’m pretty sure it is the surface of this Fredrix board, I’ve had issues with tape sticking to it in the past. So I flipped the board over, attached the…

Feature studies vignette

Day #56 I’m continuing with the feature studies – this example from Vanderpool exercise I think.

Abstracts and a cool tool

I prefer working while standing at the easel.   But the easel can be difficult with small canvases.  So I’ve been looked for ideas on how to work with small canvases or supports at a large easel.  I found this artist who attaches small canvases or supports using Scotch Removable Adhesive Putty.  I finally found…

Day 54 – Nose Variety

I thought I’d do a bit of feature study – this time the nose.  A variety of nose types.

Day 52 Time to switch it up…

Here’s another DaVinci sketch.   I kinda ran out of page for the back of his head but I think I just made it.  I did minimal measurements, that measuring business gives me a headache.  I just check my eye now and then, here and there.  But I want to train and depend upon my…

Today’s Improv, Mr. Blahh

So here’s today’s improv – Mr. Blahhh.  Sometimes I’m so disappointed with what comes off my pencil.  Note to self: stop leaving so little room behind the head.


Ok, I decided to apply all those measurements and grids for the “normal” face in profile.  All those lines, oi!  I ended up with a bit of a headache. After all of this the biggest issue is the eye is too high, and I think too large.  The mouth too wide.  The ear needs to move…

Day 51 Improv

bOring!  I don’t know what it is but the profile seems off.  sigh

Fiddling with the details

I now have my easel sitting where I can see my drawings more easily and I’m finding it helps me to get a better perspective on adjustments I want to make.  I draw these sitting down – but I work better standing at the easel.

Day 51 Hair can be tedious

Doing the hair was tedious.  Seems I don’t quite have the patience to do it properly.  Same with the ear.   I think the last couple of inspiration drawings were from DaVinci, although I’m not sure.

Day 50 Imaginary

I thought from this point forward I would do a sketch from a model/inspiration image on one side (my previous drawing) – and another drawing I draw from imagination on the facing page of the sketchbook, drawing on what I have learned so far.  So here is my imaginary face….

Half-way Point in my 100 Days of Drawing

Here is Day 50’s drawing.  Day 50!  Whoohoo!  I’ve reached the half way point.  Whether I’m showing improvement is a question still up for discussion.

Continuing to fiddle with the head

Yeah, it’s not that the face is too flat, as the head was out of shape.  Ah ha, here is where it is important to study the anatomy of the skull.

Day 48 Working on the details

Is the face flat or is the back of the head flat?  I think it had a lot to do with the back of the head, which is now more rounded out.  Just working on details here and there, particularly the head shape and the eye.

Day 48 Profile

Very hard to not end up with a flat profile, sigh.  I just have a thing for Roman noses I think.